We take safety of our members very seriously and are really sorry you had a mishap. Please contact us over phone or email and explain what happened. We will treat your scenraio with utmost urgency & sincerity.
We take safety of our members very seriously. Please contact the host prior to your arrival and explain to them your allergies. If the host cannot accommodate, we recommend opting out.


This is unfortunate and we will assist you right away. We will refund your money right away and investigate the transaction later. In case it's not correct, we will ensure the situation isn’t repeated. In case the transaction is actually correct but you made a mistake, we'll contact you later and explain what happened and then charge you the appropriate amount.


Unfortunately we do not allow transactions on website yet. However, we are surveying this ask and if enough interest is shown but folks like you, we will create a website. Please click on this link and submit your interest. Please note, we will need your email-id to avoid bots.


We take safety of our members very seriously and are really sorry you had a mishap. Please contact us over phone or email and explain what happened. We will treat your scenraio with utmost urgency & sincerity. If appropriate, we will remove the host/foodie from our membership and initiate legal action.


We take safety of our memebers very seriously. We understand your hesitation in sharing your personal information. However, please empathise with your customers, the foodie. They are also hesistant of coming to a stranger's place to eat untested food. Looking at your social profile helps build trust in both direction. Wouldn't you want to know who's coming to your home and will he/she be safe. Given that trust is the most important factor in our community building, at this point we do not allow any member to join our community who doesn't share his/her social media profile. On a different note, we will never share your data with any third party. We do not advertise now and never will, so we have absolutely no reason (or intention) to share your data with anyone...even other members in the community.


We take the safety of our members very seriously. We are surpsied you do not have a social media profile but empathize with you as well. However, as a host you are inviting people to your home and they will not come unless they can see you virtually. So, during our verification call (when you first join) we will have a higher level of scrutiny for safety of our other members. We may want to meet you in person over a free meal at one of our super-hosts.


There are no health inspector checks and that is one of the primary reasons we started this company. Ask yourself, when did you hear food infections or see dirty kitchen at any body's home? Look at your own kitchen, it's clean. It is our belief that once you take the greed out of the equation, all quality checks become redundant. We do not allow hosts to invite more than 6 people at a time. This small size cooking ensures no one is cutting corners to make profit. The fundamental intent is to eat as if you are at your own home and that entails safe healthy food. Ask yourself, how many times have you eaten at a friend's place you recently met or at your mother's home at thanksgiving and never even thought about health & safety checks? Your friends/relatives invited you to have a good time and that is what is happening here. good food and good times. That said, we also eat our hosts and survey our foodies about their experieces. This ensures fair play.


We understand your hesitation and we ask you to try. We are a community of nice friendly people and are constantly growing. If you just want to tryonce, we invite you to call us and we'll set you up with a super-host for a meal free of charge. Please note, we do not guarantee a trial meal and is dependent on host being comfortable to invite you and availability.


We take safety of our members very seriously and are really sorry you were mistreated. Please call us or email us immidiately and we'll resolve this asap. We will start by refunding your expense right away, we will then investigate. If the investigation finds one of the party at fault, we will remove them from our community and take legal actions if necesary. Again, we are really sorry about this and will do our best to make you feel better.


Please visit the contact us section to reach us. You can call, email, scream, tweet, text, shout, chat, telepath and/or facebook us any time. Based on the urgency of your request we will respond asap.


Please contact us immidiately to ensure this isn’t an app issue. If however, you genuinely do not have hosts around you, we recommend you expand your search area. Better yet, we suggest you become the first host in your neighbourhood and other's follow as you become famous.


At present we only allow advance booking of one week. We strive to ensure a host doesn’t become a restaurant and enjoys the hosting experience. Hosting isn’t about making money, its about making friends and finding joy. Allowing short-term booking helps ensure hosting operation is small, managable and hence fun.


We are glad you are thinking of rating a host. Ratings help build trust within the community. Please follow this link to a quick video on how to rate a host?


Before you tip, we recommend you ask the host if they don’t mind a tip. A key experience of the app is that you get to experience new cultures and new foods. Please ensure, a host isn’t offended about a tip for any reason be it cultural, be it personal. Ok, so now that you are ready to tip, please foolow this link to a short video on how to tip?


Service charges are the only revenue stream to homefuud as a company. These charges help feed our hungry developers, allow marketing to be creative and slows grey hair in founders.


Please follow this link to a short video on how to use coupons.


Please contact us immidiately. We will revert your full charges right away first and then investigate after. If we find error at our end, we will stop feeding those developers for few days dependeing on severity of the bug. If the investigation finds error at your end, we will contact you will explanation and charge you after your consent.


Absolutely not.


Some foods need to be stored in freezers like meats etc. However, please be cognizant of the quality. If you are going to reheat and serve the same burger patty that you bought from costco, you can still do it but we would be surprised you'll get repeat customers.


Please refer to our mission statement


Homefuud staff is here to assist you. Please work with the fraud's department of your credit card provider and let us know how we can help.


1. At the time of joining our community, homefuud staff will contact you for verification purposes. 2. users can communicate with each other using text feature in our app. Our chat app sends text messages (SMS) on phone numbers provided


Pricing is an iterative process, so you start with a number and change it based on response.for example, too many foodies showing implies you could potentially increase your price and vice-versa. Now, we recommend pricing your products from a foodie point of view. So, let's say a foodie is looking for lunch. She can choose going to a fast-food restaurant and get a meal for say $10. If she wants to pick a host nearby, a price of $50 for lunch may not be enticing. So, decide your price on 3 primary criterion: - competition or alternatives (like another host or a restaurant) - cost of raw materials, overheads etc - added services (if you are serving on a table, you shouldn't price same as take-out) please contact us directly if you need more help and we'll be happy to chat with you.


No. You can however ask foodies to rate you and higher ratings imply better visibility.


We highly recommend you to promote yourself through social media like facebook or twitter. You may want to create youtube videos showcasing your cooking skills. You can also ask your regular foodies to promote you on social media. Go viral!!


Foodies will pay for your meals and you will get exactly what you have priced your food at. Service & taxes will be added extra.


Homefuud charges 5% service charges. The app is free and there are no hidden charges.


Foodie will pay the tax. So, if you price your meal at say $25 per person and 2 persons eat at your place. Host will get $50 while foodie will pay $50 + service charges + tax


Yeats said in 1900s "There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t met yet"


Homefuud staff is here to assist you. Please contact us right away and we will do our best to resolve any issues.


Homefuud will first reimburse host's money and then investigate what happened and try to find a way to resolve.


Homefuud will first reimburse host's money and then investigate what happened and try to find a way to resolve.


Please contact 911 immediately. While homefuud verifies every new user, we cannot predict their behavior.


As a host, you can cancel or delete any reservation request prior to the foodies coming in.


Yes, we use industry recommended security standards


All data is secured. One of our founding principles is to not allow advertisements in the app. This simple step removes any incentive to "mine" user data.


Yes, however you will not be able to make a reservation or host. There's no cash transaction


Please reach us through "contact us" icon on the app or email us at info@homefuud.com


Please follow instructions on the app


As a foodie yes because you will essentialy pay. However as host, you need money to come to you and without a bank account money can’t come.


When a foodie pays for the meal, that money needs to go to a bank account. Hence, we need your banking information.


A notification is sent to you every time a foodie makes a reservation. You can also check your home screen for "my reservations" section to see who all is coming in for dinner/lunch


Yes, you can see a chat icon on top right corner of a user profile


You can set up a penalty schedule in your profile. Based on your settings, you can levy a penatly charge for last minute cancellation.


Higher ratings is the only way to prioritise your listing. We currently do not allow sponsored listing. We do not intend to allow in future as well.


Absolutely yes and you must. Your ratings will help other hosts to know a little more about the foodie.


No, we associate a phone number and email to an account.


Yes you can. Just change your address when you move and the rest will synchronise accordingly.


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